Consulting services

Consulting services


The business environment today is more dynamic than ever, with mergers and acquisitions, consolidation and regulatory changes. To succeed, an enterprise like yours needs to develop an ability to sense these changes, and thus respond to them quickly and smartly. Our solutions help your enterprise get agile, adaptable and efficient.


Expanding and managing a BI deployment across an enterprise is a challenging task. With the right approach, BI Implementations should scale when more users, data and reports and dashboards are added to the initial implementation. With our expertise and best practices, we at Datasemantics Consulting Services can help lay the proper foundation and provide guidance and assistance in implementing and managing BI for success.


We at DS provide three main categories of services:


  • Foundation/Initial Setup Services
  • Application Design & Development Services
  • Enterprise Architecture Services


These in turn lead to the following:


  • Ineffective business process/performance/predictability management
  • Inefficient utilization of technology models/architectures and coupling
  • Lack of optimization in resource utilization
  • Uncertainty and hence, degradation in the quality of service
  • Non-compliance issues


Engage our Consulting Services team today to accelerate your time to value, improve your risk mitigation, and achieve better success and return on investment with any BI.


Foundation/Initial Setup Services:


As with any project or undertaking, laying the right foundation for a BI implementation will bring much higher confidence and success rates. Foundation Services is about taking the right initial approach to a BI implementation. ? both in supporting project teams with the required experience and best practice knowledge, and in designing the BI deployment in the most suitable way for the technical and business environment.


Application Design & Development Services:


For customers looking to deploy complex BI systems, our Consulting Services can be engaged to ensure success. Our Services brings deep expertise in connectivity, application design & development, and other unique application attributes. Our team works with in-house or with partner implementation teams to not only ensure success of the specific application, but prepare your implementation teams for on-going success and expansion as well.


Enterprise Architecture Services:


While most BI implementations are successfully run and implemented by implementation partners or in-house technical staff, our Consulting Services team can guide larger, enterprise deployments to ensure initial and ongoing success. We bring deep enterprise expertise and work alongside in-house or partner resources to address the most challenging project requirements. We will also work directly with in-house IT and support staff to effectively monitor and measure the current implementation, and plan for future successful expansion.

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