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Get on the next wave of sophisticated technology with Robotic Process Automation (RPA) solutions developed exclusively to meet your specific business needs by Data Semantics.

With our RPA solutions, unlocking newer avenues of productivity or successful implementing digital transformation no longer remains a barrier to business traction. With a fully-functional high-powered robot, you can elevate…

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The entire IoT landscape is driven by multiple applications like sensors, APIs, apps, web interfaces, networks and individual connected devices.

Our team can assist with use case identification, setting up the systems, doing diagnostics checks on the setup, and providing industry-specific consulting for better efficacy in your line of business.…

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Large enterprises are keen on providing efficient support to their end users

Hence the complaints and support service must be on their toes day and night to deliver the expected level of efficiency. Ensuring that the right service reaches the customer is…

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“Once science fiction is now a reality”

Imagine how your texts being translated into different languages real-time to reach the masses from various geographies of the world or show a prototype of a building by just focusing…

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Improve Your Decisions


Right from supply chain management to post sale customer service management, you can optimize different functions with the retail landscape. This is enabled by the broad scope of technology solutions provided by Data Semantics specifically for your industry.

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Centres of Excellence

Data Visualization
Self Service BI, Mobile BI, Custom Visuals, Embedded BI.
Advanced Analytics
Predictive/Prescriptive Analysis, Machine Learning, Deep Learning, Artificial Intelligence, Neural Networks, Voice to Text, Video Analytics.

Internet of Things
Edge Analytics, Data Aggregation from devices and platforms, Interoperable solutions.

RPA and AR Applications
Chat Bots, AR Applications, Narrative Science, Natural Language Processing, Integration with Machine Learning Tools.

Data Engineering
ETL Tools / DW Modernization, DW Appliances, SQL, NO SQL, Data Lake, Cold Storage, On-Premise / On Cloud.

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