Large enterprises are keen on providing efficient support to their end users. Hence the complaints and support service must be on their toes day and night to deliver the expected level of efficiency.

Ensuring that the right service reaches the customer is of paramount importance. This requires the availability of highly skilled resources, technology support, continuous training etc. The respective teams must be in place for addressing complaints/queries from different sources such as E-Mail, Social Media (Skype, Facebook, Twitter, etc.), Voice Calls, etc.

Chabot is a convenient application with the ability to provide instant query resolution through the messaging medium. Chatbots have redefined the way customers are engaged and have opened new ways of managing the business in the form of two-way interactive commerce. It is a valuable service that companies can depend on, perhaps substituting the traditional rules and making one-way interaction on the website or mobile applications redundant. A Chatbot is a program that recognizes human conversations in its natural format discerning text or spoken language using artificial intelligence techniques such as Natural Language Processing (NLP), image and video processing, and audio analysis. The most impressive characteristic of the bots is that they learn from the past interplays and becomes intelligent and smarter over the time.

Data Semantics has capabilities to carry out an end to end integration of chatbot in Supply Chain, Banking, Insurance, Retail, Healthcare, Utility Services, and other verticals.

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