With the Banking and financial services industry, the capabilities by Data Semantics offer value at three levels

Data Analytics

With data warehousing and Big Data analytics capabilities, you can get better control over the humongous amount of data at your disposal. Making sense of the torrent of numbers requires special technology competencies and at Data Semantics, we are happy that we can assist you in this aspect

Data Visualization

When you have sorted out the incoming gush of numbers and analyzed it thoroughly, you then need to showcase key takeaways in a meaningful way so that business leaders and stakeholders can grasp it and take action with the insights. Such visually inspiring insight generation is made possible with Data Semantics’ data visualization and Business Intelligence offerings.

Artificial Intelligence

Carrying out routine operational activities and customer support tasks can now be delegated to the virtual employee that boosts productivity, eliminates errors, and provides maximum value for your dollars. We employ a blend of machine learning, deep learning, NLP to introduce AI within your banking operations framework.

Business advantages for your industry

Drive Traction

Getting granular level of insights is what helps your financial services business to know your customers better and devise targeted marketing messages and customer-first products based on their needs and purchase behavior.  

Risk Mitigation

For banking and insurance companies, we make great use of big data analytics and BI to mitigate potential exposure to risk and loss. Predictive analytics can help underwriters and loan officers about the exposure they face with loans and policies and the potential of it being serviced appropriately by the customers.  

Pricing Efficiency

We take into account a host of success factors – past data, competitor analysis, and experimental assessment about the customer’s reaction. With this, we help you come up with a strategic way to price your product and service offerings.  

Enhanced Operational Control

The dual blend of achieving costs of customer servicing and enhanced efficiencies in this area can be accomplished successfully with our technology solutions. We employ Big Data analytics, DW, BI, and Machine Learning/ Artificial Intelligence competencies to devise exclusive solutions for the banking, financial services, and insurance industry. As an outcome you can determine customer behavior and needs better and devise products and solutions that improve adoption.

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