Health Care

Health Care

At Data Semantics we have a range of technology solutions geared to add immense business value. We help a bit to enhance patient care and ensure smart administration for better outcomes. You can opt for an array of tech solutions to enhance your healthcare offerings – right from DW, BI and Big data analytics to IOT sensor applications and cloud based healthcare analytics.

Some of the ways in which Data Semantics has the potential to make a tangible and remarkable difference in the healthcare domain include –

  • Health insurers can bring in data from numerous sources of structured and unstructured data with our big data analytics expertise. With this, they can see patterns emerge and generate insights that can alleviate risks and bring down costs of operations.
  • We also design exclusive solutions for the medical training and learning sector. Effective medical training around human anatomy and its intricate arrangement of nerves, muscles, tissues, bones, cells, and organs can be effectively rendered on a bigger canvas with the help of our grip on AR/VR technology. The detailed layout in the human body can be studied with the help of immersive VR/AR technologies.
  • Physician decision making can now be enhanced with the help of huge volumes of data available internally and on public domain. This way they can rely on clinical data and historical evidence for patient care rather than just their professional knowledge.

  • Patient centric data analytics BI solutions will help leverage EHR better. It helps the healthcare business to capture data and convert to meaningful information to aid in strategizing business better.
  • Data Analytics can help tremendously in relaying real time health vitals for a patient from a remote location. By having these updates as they occur, physicians can be in better control in monitoring these metrics remotely and take proactive action in case of any change in the vitals.
  • Medical R&D can get a shot in the arm with the advanced analytics capabilities at Data Semantics. Your R&D lab can use real world data, re-use clinical data, apply powerful predictive modelling, and enable shorter time to market for new age medical solutions.
  With these advantages we feel that partnering with us at Data Semantics can push your healthcare business in the right direction. Do call us today to know more about how technology can be used to give new meaning to the term “patient care”.

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