Right from supply chain management to post sale customer service management, you can optimize different functions with the retail landscape. This is enabled by the broad scope of technology solutions provided by Data Semantics specifically for your industry.

CRM and Sales

Have high powered data analytics to know your customers better. Analyze the current retail trends, your customers’ buying behavior, and cater to their needs at the apt time with retail promotions meant for success. Sort out the huge volume of data across different milestones of the customer journey and make sense of it all with applied Big Data Analytics and BI solutions.

Customer servicing

Get the most out of customer footfall data with the help of sensor based IoT data. Push the right notifications based on the customer’s location data and elevate the level of customer experience. You can also set up chatbots to help in post-sales customer support at the right time. You can also boost in-store sales by providing personalized recommendations provided by our AI and Deep Learning capabilities at Data Semantics.

Logistics and delivery

Finished products and retail goods that make its way for the source location go through a lot of touch-points -warehouse, storage, distribution, and final delivery by land, sea, or air. We utilize our Big Data Analytics offerings to track shipments, receive them appropriately, and further distribute it to different retail locations in one region or country. With tools like remote sensing, geospatial mapping, RFID tracking, and studying data patterns, we lets you optimize retail logistics and maintain proper inventory levels.

Insight generation

You need insights and you have the data. Allow Data Semantics to act as a bridge to take the numbers and deliver easy to understand insights that take your retail business to the next level of growth. Our retail BI solution allows you to do a deep dive into the world of structured and unstructured data and come out with invaluable insights.

If you are looking to accomplish the triple objective of:
  • Better customer servicing

  • Simplified distribution networks,

  • Smart management of inventory

then connect with us at Data Semantics and power up your retail business with viable technology solutions.

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