How to Read Your Business Insights in Real Time

Although with newly developed Business Insights tools like Power BI, Tableau or Qlik Sense we have come closer to quickly produce BI reports, we are yet to evolve to the highly demanding issue in business – reading data in real time. 

With newly developed Business Insights tools like Power BI, Tableau or Qlik sense, we have evolved to read the data far more quickly than traditional methods of using excel sheets. 

Problems in interpreting Business Insights 

Reading business insights can be quite a cumbersome task, especially when your business operations produce large amounts of data.  

No access to relevant information 

Stakeholders in a company have access to limited KPI metrics, holding them back from quickly accessing other relevant business information. In some cases, learning about the such metrics takes upto three days. 

Take the boardroom meetings for an instance. Most boardroom meetings need stakeholders from different departments to discuss the performance of their business operations for taking relevant business decisions. Such stakeholders are clueless about the relevance of data from other departments until they meet, leading to redundant dependencies and wastage of valuable time. 

Limited knowledge of Business Insights tools  

Business Leaders and Business Analysts need to constantly learn about new Business Intelligence tools. They have to frequently strive to adjust to the new ecosystems. This causes inconvenience in terms of time and effort invested by the team to generate reports, rather than investing time on decision-making. 

Challenge to gather data from disparate data sources 

It is difficult to integrate huge amounts of data, especially when it is gathered from disparate data sources, for creating BI reports. Configuring BI systems for generating reports for multiple business operations is quite a complicated task. 

Unfriendly user experience on Business Insights tools 

The unfriendly user experience of BI tools consumes a lot of unnecessary time, leading to cumbersome and unpleasant experiences to generate BI reports. Bad UX just doesn’t make sense! It often leads to procrastination or not achieving your end goal with BI applications. 

How to read your Business Insights in real time?

Data Semantics has designed and developed a unique solution by implementing Microsoft Power BI on Alexa voice assistant, allowing users to get Business Insights in real time. 

Real-time BI reporting can be achieved using any Business Insight tool like Power BI, Tableau, Qlik Sense or other custom tools developed by your IT team. 

Benefits of using Power BI on Alexa 

Real-time reporting 

Get real time reports, anytime, anywhere! You could use the voice assistant in your boardroom, on your desk or your cell phone to get Business Insight reports in real-time. All it takes is saying, “Alexa, show me the sales revenue for the last quarter” and boom! you have Alexa telling you the exact insights you asked for. 

Seamless user experience

Dashboards and buttons are passé! Get rid of redundant processes to access your business insights. All you need is to not have a sore throat and be able to use your voice to talk to your voice assistant.

Reduced dependency on Business Intelligence tools 

You don’t need to understand or learn the technicalities of Business Intelligence tools. You could access the dashboard of your BI platform right from your voice assistant by connecting it to any display or by simply listening to the KPI metrics. 

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