Artificial Intelligence

With the rapidly evolving tech landscape, Artificial Intelligence has moved mainstream in recent years.

Organizations today generate a lot of data from a ERP and other supporting systems at an astronomical rate. The first step towards valuing your data as an asset is to understand what different types of data is being generated, at what frequency, what are its uses and at what frequency will this data need to be retrieved to provide business insight. Experts at Data Semantics help you do this.Our team of Data Warehousing consultants will help you make the best use of the high volume of data being generated across multiple touchpoints (both internal and external). This way, we make certain that useful and easily accessible data resides in a robust yet high-performance data warehouse.

We are adept at devising all-encompassing data warehousing strategies that combine multiple platforms and solutions to create a strong suite of data storage, aggregation, search, and retrieval mechanisms to add muscle to the data warehousing all the while optimizing the asset maintenance cost.

Our services

With Data Semantics, you can build a strong decision support system, and take the right first step towards recognizing your Data as an Asset and Warehousing it in an efficient and beneficial manner.

Our Artificial Intelligence and Cognitive Computing cover next gen intelligent systems that can learn from past data, analyze existing situations, and drive decision making in the right directions. With the help of Machine learning enabled technologies like Neural Networks and Deep Learning, the systems we build will mimic human thinking to accomplish one of the three success drivers –

  • Harness enhanced value from existing systems and machines to improve business efficiencies at a lower cost overhead
  • Work with clients to envision and implement a future-ready solution built on AI
  • Extend user experience levels far beyond what your customers are expecting

What we offer?

Machine Learning

In Data Semantics, we have Machine Learning Engineers who are capable of training machines to solve pressing business problems. Our Machine Learning Engineers can
• Facilitate your decisions backed by data
• Identify mishap well ahead of time and advocate preventive measures
• Build models that apprise you on expected turns and help in crisis management
• Help you comprehend your customers, key entities, factors that affect key business decisions
• Consult you on right technique and relevant technology

Image and Video analytics

Image & Video Analytics brings a focus of attention to the right incident at the right time. Our AI capabilities span the expertise to retrieve useful data from graphics and videos. This data can be used to filter & analyze according to the user requirement. With Data Semantics Image & Video analytics, real time alerts are configured according to a precise set of conditions notifying the events of interests. Also, this will further reduce manual efforts and improve the accuracy of features like changes to patterns, face detection, tracking of an individual person and scene analysis. You can also avail of OCR and Image tagging as a part of this offering.

Text analytics

Are you interested in grasping the emotion, the semantics, or the metadata behind the words or alphabets? Then you need to check out our text analytics services. These include voice to text (or text to voice) conversion and transformation of digital content monetization through powerful search and retrieval capabilities tied up to text. We have the capability to retrieve emotions out of several languages.
Want to know more about how we can bring the ‘intelligence’ back to your business strategies? Then do give us a call at Data Semantics to explore our AI services.

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