Augmented Reality / Virtual Reality

“Once science fiction is now a reality”

Imagine how your texts being translated into different languages real-time to reach the masses from various geographies of the world or show a prototype of a building by just focusing on an image drawn on a piece of paper using a gadget will feel? With AR these can be a reality.

Now imagine that you are a car manufacturer and want to take your client on a virtual ride to feel the design of your luxurious vehicle right where they are or picture that you are being teleported to Mars to feel the loneliness of the planet right where you are, virtual reality just does this job right.

Creating an immersive AR/VR experience needs a blend of technology expertise, high end hardware devices, and a bit of creative imagination. At Data Semantics, our team tries to mix these three characteristics and develop a Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality solution for your business with a potential to reach the masses.
Be it 360-degree view films or interactive VR content we can carry these off with ease. Our team has deep experience in the use of Google Cardboard, Oculus Rift, Microsoft HoloLens, and HTC Vive. Right from overlaying virtual reality to your field of vision (through AR solutions) to creating stimulating and rich virtual experiences (using VR devices), we can achieve memorable outcomes to aid various functions of your team like sales, marketing or training.
Some practical applications of VR/AR include remote training of employees, test run of highly technical & sensitive surgeries, virtual tour of luxury homes, configuration & customization of vehicles, Gaming, Disassembly of machines for maintenance and remanufacturing, Product Demonstration etc.

The key offerings at Data Semantics include –

Virtual Reality

If the physical space comes across as a barrier to great experience or immersive learning (for e.g. geographical distance) then our Virtual Reality solution is what you need. With our VR implementation, you can transcend physical world limitations and deliver a realistic and holistic experience.

Augmented Reality

Get more out of your existing resources like print materials, mobile apps, or simply your line of vision, with our enriching augmented reality solutions. Our AR solution seamlessly overlays virtual elements on top of physical objects or vision, thereby creating a phenomenal new experience in training, e-learning, entertainment, gaming, and education.

Mixed Reality

For an elevated level of training and learning experience, you can overlay real world objects with holographic technology to have the resulting mixed reality solution. This solution can then act as per your commands, gesture, voice, or action. With mixed reality, the user can effectively interpret the correlation between the physical object and the digital information integrated with it.

Whether you need to get a clear visual guidance before manufacturing, construction, and production, or want to increase the interaction with learners and students, you can achieve stellar outcomes with the customized AR/VR solution built specifically for your use case.

Do connect with us at Data Semantics and explore the broad scope of AV/VR solutions we offer using cutting-edge hardware and software integration.

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