Big Data

As a digital enterprise, you might have faced the challenge of blending technology with your operations to give a thrust to organizational efficiencies.

In today’s era of fast-paced data creation and consumption, it makes total business sense to check out the Big Data offerings from us at Data Semantics.
We have specialist competencies in mobilizing data to drive analytics outcomes and unlock insights. Instead of reactive responses, our big data analytics and insights lets you leverage data to adopt a proactive approach to tackle operational issues, serve customers, and improve business bottom-lines.
Hadoop, HDInsights, Hive, Spark, R, or Oracle Advanced Analytics – the list of tools and resources which we utilize for our strategy, design, implementation, modeling, and insight generation work is wide. This helps us to perform exceptionally well on all the KRAs of analysis, visualization, exploration, reporting, and prediction.

Our service offerings

Our below big data offerings focus on providing intuitive insights that are actionable:

  • Big Data Roadmap and strategy design
  • Tech and Ops infrastructure readiness assessment and PoC
  • Setting up necessary ETL and DW mechanisms to accelerate the value of data analytics
  • Transforming design blueprint to real-world implementation through an execution strategy.

How we can be of help?

Multiple advantages

Be it harnessing value from data, getting a competitive edge, or empowering the management decision making process, our big data expertise can provide multiple business advantages.

Data as an asset

With our Big Data Governance Model we ensure that your data is turned to an asset rather than becoming a barrier to corporate profitability. We have the skills, resources, and experience to let you exploit data for smarter business management.


Our Big Data solutions and services span Architectural Consulting, EDW management, advanced data analytics, data science, and business intelligence. We assist with setting up a robust Big Data ecosystem so that it works as a well-oiled business unit providing value across the board. Be it retail, lifestyle, healthcare, supply chain, education, or BFSI, the value of our big data service services pervades multiple industry verticals.

Aligned to your business needs

Be it IoT, Big Data on Cloud, or Big Data on Premises, the type of architecture design and implementation we will choose for your company will depend solely on your specific objectives. This way, there is a better likelihood of the Big Data systems performing as per expected outcomes.
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