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Considerable spends by enterprises to generate and store data need to be leveraged more effectively to show clear impacts by helping the organization generate higher revenues

So, power up your management decision making process with Business Intelligence services offered by us at Data Semantics and see mere numbers, charts, and figures transform to phenomenal insights into your business. Uncovering trends and patterns through our BI solutions lets you remove guesswork and make decisions backed by solid data at the right time.Insight into one’s business is achieved by making use of the two components that make up Business Intelligence, “Data Engineering” to choose and filter in relevant data and “Visualization” to represent the large sets of data in easily comprehensible visuals.

Insert Infographic depicting Visualization and Data Engineering making up BI Our data engineering services help you store your data optimally across multiple failsafe systems and mined effectively for business insights all the while also ensuring that the benefits outweigh the cost.Our data visualization tools ensure that all KRAs like decision making, strategy course correction, and unlocking of potential opportunities can be accomplished the smart way. Go beyond pages and pages of numbers and get a visual representation that can be grasped by business analysts and senior management alike.

Our offerings in BI & Visualization services

Our knowledge of data storage optimization, aggregation, search, and retrieval mechanisms combined with our in-depth experience on popular BI tools like Tableau, Microsoft Power BI, and Qlik Sense powered by a solid research and development initiative is what makes us different from our peers in this space.Enable to your organization to make efficient use of its data assets by making Data Semantics part of your team. Let us support you, right from business consulting and data automation, to creating interactive reporting and dashboards.

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Unmatched domain experience

At Data Semantics we have cultivated a team of qualified professionals who are skilled at transforming data to actionable insights. We have dedicated Centers of Excellence consisting Data Engineers, Data Scientists and Visualization experts with multitudes of relevant experience among them. In this age of data deluge, you can rely on us to cancel out the noise and focus on data that really matters.

Versatility at the heart of our expertise

Be it an SME or an enterprise, be it developing a BI roadmap for a new system or overhauling existing ETL, analytics, and data visualization systems, our experience with over a hundred customers of multiple sizes and belonging to various domains gives our team the confidence to extend the reach of power packed BI solutions across all types of industries.

Custom solutions exclusively for your business

Our ‘Methodology’ and ‘Governance’ are what gives muscle to our experience.
Rather than offering an ‘off-the-shelf’ solution that fits all, we first carry out activities to understand your specific business needs and operational setup, to tailor the right type of BI implementation. From BI on cloud and BI on premise, to mobile BI and holistic BI consulting, you can expect incredible ROI by partnering with our dynamic team of experts

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