Data Warehouse Modernization

“Data is a precious thing and will last longer than the systems themselves.”- Tim Berners-Lee, father of the Worldwide Web”.

Organizations today generate a lot of data from a ERP and other supporting systems at an astronomical rate. The first step towards valuing your data as an asset is to understand what different types of data is being generated, at what frequency, what are its uses and at what frequency will this data need to be retrieved to provide business insight. Experts at Data Semantics help you do this.Our team of Data Warehousing consultants will help you make the best use of the high volume of data being generated across multiple touchpoints (both internal and external). This way, we make certain that useful and easily accessible data resides in a robust yet high-performance data warehouse.

We are adept at devising all-encompassing data warehousing strategies that combine multiple platforms and solutions to create a strong suite of data storage, aggregation, search, and retrieval mechanisms to add muscle to the data warehousing all the while optimizing the asset maintenance cost.

Our services

With Data Semantics, you can build a strong decision support system, and take the right first step towards recognizing your Data as an Asset and Warehousing it in an efficient and beneficial manner.

Some of our key Data Warehouse services are

Data Assets Consulting
Our experts conduct readiness assessment, technology selection sessions, data architecture assessment and design advisory workshops with an objective to define a robust Data Warehousing Strategy that is designed to meet tangible business needs at the right cost.


We employ time tested methodologies and processes to transform the Data Warehousing Strategy into a living breathing tech entity that stores and mines your data. We achieve this by leveraging our expertise systems like ETL tools, multiple types of Databases, and mix of platforms and networks that can efficiently extract data from multiple sources, transform and aggregate the data and store them basis frequency of generation and retrieval.

Support and Maintenance

Data is just like food would go bad in a refrigerated warehouse that has never seen a maintenance or timely upgrades, it will become barely usable or unfit for consumption. Let us keep on top of technology and emerging standards to support you in keeping your data asset safe while you concentrate on your core competencies.

Data Semantics Data Warehouse solutions makes perfect sense


Our agile data warehouse setups give you near real-time access to mission-critical data that will considerably accelerate your organization’s decision-making process. We practice proficiencies in DW on premise as well as DW on cloud.

Highly optimized solution

We strongly believe that your data warehouse should grow with your aspirations. As a result, our Data Warehouse Architectural Consulting factors in a solution with a clear roadmap that can scale up easily and handle larger volumes of data without impacting performance.

Breadth of experience

Be it raw data in a data lake or a more thoroughly cleaned and structured data warehouse, with Data Semantics, you get value across a broad spectrum of offerings. Be it setting up Master Data Management (MDM) program or devising and rolling out data quality (DQ) and data governance (DG) protocols, you can expect tech brilliance in our various data warehousing offerings.

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