Internet of Things

The entire IoT landscape is driven by multiple applications like sensors, APIs, apps, web interfaces,networks and individual connected devices.

Our team can assist with use case identification, setting up the systems, doing diagnostics checks on the setup, and providing industry-specific consulting for better efficacy in your line of business.Our IoT solution development proficiency spans device management, connectivity, security, scalability, sensor networks, multimedia, application business logic, collaboration, and integration for IoT end points and gateways.

Our team has been extensively working on making shopping easy with smart store and connected consumer in the retail space and building operational & informational technology for manufacturers to create brand new opportunities.

Our Offerings

Consulting & Solution Development- We are experts in finding business solution with the right device and platforms to build it, along with solution development enabling with right analytics, mobile access, security, deployment. Integration of solution with business applications like SAP, Salesforce etc.
IoT Platform- This includes Data Connectors to various mediums of communication, Development of device deployment & management modules. Enhancement of the platform to vertically focused markets & Device monitoring & management.
Service Enablement- Build & maintain the IoT service enablement platform. Build domain specific solutions. UX services based on the end user analysis

Why choose Data Semantics?

With Data Semantics, you get industry-specific turnkey IOT solutions. Our industry coverage includes healthcare, home automation, and automotive and transport apart from Retail & Manufacturing. We understand that the true value of an IoT solution lies in timely insights it provides to your business for quick analysis and effective decision making.

With us, you not only get skilled assistance for development of devices or re-engineered software, but also get to know how these can be integrated into the larger business process and systems. Want help in scrutinizing the impact of IoT implementation within your business or want to develop PoCs to test the applications? You can rely on us for a comprehensive consulting, development, and testing.

We develop consumer level and enterprise grade IOT applications to support smart connectivity initiatives. Our skills can add value to a range of industries, from industrial automation to home automation. This way, we help change people’s lives and make the operational process more efficient.

Be it analytics framework development, data storage, cloud and mobility application development, or long-term maintenance and tech support, at Data Semantics you can obtain end to end services within the IoT solutions development and deployment offerings.

Take advantage of our IoT offerings at Data Semantics and enable total connectivity for your business.

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