Machine Learning / Deep Learning

Accelerate deep learning and machine learning goals across your organization with scalable platforms provided by us at Data Semantics.

With deep domain experience in Artificial Intelligence systems, we leverage the multiple advantages offered by its subsets Machine learning and deep learning. This, in turn, allows you to get an unmatched competitive edge with operational efficiency and cost optimization.
What we offer at Data Semantics?We have skilled competencies in providing consumer apps as well as robust enterprise applications to fulfill the demands put on modern day business practices. Some of the applications of our skills come in the form of predictive modeling, solutions architecture, algorithm design, knowledge discovery via data mining, statistical modeling and analysis, and natural language processing.
Our three-pronged strategy allows us to deploy deeply tailored machine learning and deep learning solutions to benefit exclusively your business:

Needs analysis and readiness assessment with our consulting services on ML/DL
Use case identification to improve the overall ROI you obtain from the solution
Development and deployment of ML/DL solutions complete with on-site training and periodic maintenance of the systems.

We have hands-on proficiencies in delivering solutions using popular platforms and services like

Amazon Aws
• IBM Watson
• MS Azure

Our competencies also span experience in utilizing neural network frameworks such as Deeplearning4j, Keras, Caffe, Microsoft Cognitive Toolkit, Tensorflow

Why choose Data Semantics?

You live in an era where huge volumes and variety of data can be collected and stored at ease with the help of Big Data Technologies. Machines are capable of learning from data that are diverse where traditional statistical modeling constrained by mathematical assumptions to handle diversity.

Training machines will require a unique set of skills to identify relevant features, decide right technique with appropriate math, choose appropriate technology, code, validate, deploy and consult.

In Data Semantics, we have Machine Learning Engineers who are capable of training machines to solve pressing business problems.

Our Machine Learning Engineers can

• Facilitate your decisions backed by data
• Identify mishap well ahead of time and advocate preventive measures
• Build models that apprise you on expected turns and help in crisis management
• Help you comprehend your customers, key entities, factors that affect key business decisions
• Consult you on right technique and relevant technology

Machine learning provides with a broader set of techniques that can be used to solve any problem. We have Machine learning experts who specialize in the following algorithms

1. Regression / Classification Models
2. Clustering / Principal Component Analysis
3. Recommendation Systems
4. Neural Networks and Deep Learning
5. Classification / Support Vector Machines
6. Probabilistic Modelling / Bayesian Modelling
7. Association Data Mining
8. Time Series Modelling

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